Maxell brand are TY's at Office Depot

I have read many posts all over the forums about Maxell’s being great quality so I always bought them at Office Depot. The were always th 15 pack MXLRG02. I went there today and they had a buy 1 get 1 free on 25 packs. When I got home I found out they were TYG01. That is a great deal at $40 for 50 disks. Also since they will burn at 8x. They also have 50 packs for $80 at normal price. They might be TY also.

Those Yellow top Maxell +R marked as “Made in Japan” from Office Depot are likely TY. But either way both MXL or TY are some of THE best you can get so enjoy :iagree: sell -r TY’s in 100 packs, and as a +R only user, they sell these Maxell +R TY dvd’s in packs of 5 or tubs of 25 - £18.50 for 25. I filled in the additional info box on an order saying ‘keep stocking +r TY dye’ media and now BS have added the TY to the web page :slight_smile:

Not bad £18.50 for 25 Maxell TY dye media. The only other TY +R’s that I could find in Europe were the Verb Pastels (don’t want all different colours), Plextor from Ebuyers but these are £1.30 each!!, and a few other very expensive stores but these are for -R.