Maxell batch opinion needed

I bought a 100 pack spindle of Maxell 8x DVD+Rs today at FutureShop (in Canada) since they were on sale for $35 Canadian. I have no idea if these are good quality or not (because I’m a noob to this stuff). Since I intend to use them for archiving purposes, I want to know if I should exchange them.

The sides of the discs are rather lumpy, only the bottom layer though. The writing around the ring for the first disc is C6-02CH3504129611D18 (around the clear part in the centre, right before the hole) and VR5CH3-00013 around the purple ring. The dye on the bottom is purple (does this even matter?). Here is what KProbe has to say:

Should I return this batch and look for something that said “Made in Japan” as opposed to “Made in Taiwan”?

I have a Lite-ON 451s if that matters.

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"Should I return this batch and look for something that said “Made in Japan” as opposed to “Made in Taiwan”?

That’s what I would do. Ritek +R media should be A-grade when sold under the Maxell Brand, but I don’t think it’s on par with Maxell’s own +R production.

Furthermore, Ritek R03 doesn’t have a great reputation, look for the relevant thread in the Blank media tests section.

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What about -R media? Look for Made in Japan as well?


Made in Japan Maxells 8X DVD-R’s mediacode si MXL RG03 and these are GREAT discs, among the best actually.

There has been reports, though, of Maxells 8X DVD-Rs where the cakebox mentions “made in Japan” but with Ritek G05 discs inside. :a

Do read this thread as a member (Bear17) found a way to determine by looking carefully at the box. :bow:

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Dont buy -R for a 451S stick to +R, you may also want to look at converting that 451S into a fully fledged 832S so you can burn those discs at the rated speed however the risk is up to you start here , also i think you asked this question in the newbie forum aswell try and avoid asking the same questions in different threads or ‘crossposting’

Damn, looks like the new MIT Maxell DVD+R are now RITEK R03, just like Fuji! :a My batch from a couple months ago is RICOHJPN R02, which is much better media. :iagree:

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I don’t think it matter what kind of 8x media you buy. :frowning:
That burner will only give good burns at 4x with 4x media. Upgrading it to a 832 may or may not give good results. But 451 firmware will not support 8x media properly. If you’re serious about “archiving” anything, consider a new burner and some good 8x media. We know TY is hard to find in Canada, but it’s still the best option. Anything MIJ will do.

Second choice would be to go out and find some old 4x Memorex or TDK or Maxell or Fuji which should be Ricoh JPNR01 and will do well in that burner.

TY isn’t rare in Canada! While we don’t have any Sony TY or TDK TY, we have plenty of OEM TY available at places like and, as well as the ever shrinking pool of Fuji TY.

Walmart may still have some MIJ Maxell. But you have to check. A couple of weeks back when I was at their Queensborough store, they still have MIJ +/-R. I intentionally picked a 50 pack of MIT +R, hoping that they would be RICOHJPNR02 but turned out to be Ritek R03. The MIJ Maxell 002 doesn’t work too well with all 3 of my burners, a DW1620, a LG4120 and a TSH552U. The Ritek R03 burns have lower PIF but much higher PIE than the Maxell 002. May be as rdgrimes has suggested, you should try the 4X Maxell instead. Don’t know where you are located, some London Drugs stores here in Vancouver still have the 4X +R Maxell in 15 spindle.

I’m in Montreal, I doubt that I will be able to find any 4X stuff. I’m hoping that FutureShop will let me return it for a full refund seeing as how I haven’t used any of it. I think that I may try to turn my burner into a 832. Is this relatively safe?

If I do get a new burner in the near future - which would you recommend? I would need something that is good at burning CD-RWs as well as all types of DVDs, because I use all of that media regularly. I understand that the LG GSA-5163D is the current champ - but that’s very expensive for me ATM. I really don’t need to be burning at 16X either…or dual layer. So, could I get a recommendation on another model?

I think that I may try to turn my burner into a 832. Is this relatively safe?

If you do it properly yes :slight_smile: best bet is to do plenty of research first.