Maxell announces double-layer DVD+R availability

I just posted the article Maxell announces double-layer DVD+R availability.

 June 29, 2005 08:00  AM US Eastern Timezone Maxell Announces  Double-Layer DVD+R Media; Boosts Per-Disc Capacity to 8.5 GB on a Single Side  for Extremely Dense Data Storage in...
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Can’t wait for the day when it reads “DVD+R Dual layer released at $2(US) retail price”

I’ve already seen Ritek for 3,99 € - so we’re at least slowly moving to the right direction.

cant wait till we see 25pcs 4xdvd-r dl for £4 like it is for 8x dvd-r. £2.50+ is too expensive for current 4x +r dl. they have been out for ages too!

Just about time,Maxell! I wonder if they are only 2.4x certified - i found no reference or info on their website. Hope the quality will be traditionally decent. P.S Anyone got a picture?

Maxell DVD+R DL is already available in Europe and they’re overpriced Ricoh media (you can get Ricoh branded DVD+R DL for ~€4). But the interesting part of this press release is: “Rewritable double-layer media products - both DVD+RW and DVD-RW - are planned for availability during the second half of 2005.”

What’s the point if these new HD-DVD and Blu-Ray stuff is coming anyways

Circuit City has a 25pack for $81 See this link [Removed excessively long URL to fix page width]
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Daaam. Nothing new. It IS a Ricoh, not Maxel MID. Anyway, just make it cheper.

Over here in Japan Maxell DVD+R DL is available since Sept. 23 2004. They are made by Mitsubishi iin Singapore.

This is good news. Hopefully the competition will help bring the price down.

I think when hd-dvds and blu-ray comes out prices will go down.

Single-layer HD-DVD write-once media will become cheaper than Double-Layer DVD media. That’s still 15GB vs. 8.5GB.