Maxell announces 48X CD-R media, 52X is too dangerous?

I just posted the article Maxell announces 48X CD-R media, 52X is too dangerous?.

Maxell has announced in a press release that they will start producing 48X certified media. This is of course no major deal since most manufacturers are switching to high speed media. In the…

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Are 52x drives a new weapon of terrorists? What if an exploding disc kills George Bush? Soon on CNN :slight_smile:

They are. I have a video straight out of a lab in Japan of a disc exploding through the front bezel while spinning at 48x.

Strange…since Maxell certified 48x 700mb cdr have been available on the market for a while now… at 0.49 Euro each ( normal not slim case ).

i want to be able to burn a full cd in 50 sec. :4 i am sure they can do it. i do not think that the 48x will be the end. they will come out with some way to make higher speeds to work fine.

Well dual head burners might be able to double the burn rate if they can get it accurate enough. Two heads on a 52x burner = 104x :slight_smile:

of course we all know what a failure the kenwood 72x was, and its not even compatible with win 2000 or XP. I bet lite-on could do it, and do it well.

wasn;t the 72x really like 4 readers in one ? had multiple pickups … anyhow 52x is just silly. anything under 4-5 min is excessive

So the marginal speed increase between 48x and 52x makes a difference between safe operation and total destruction. I don’t buy this. If 52x is dangerous then 48x is dangerous as well.

My Kenwood 72x has worked very well with win2k and xp. And the speed was very useful for converting my 500+ audio cd collection into mp3s as quickly as possible.