Maxell + and - 8x at Office Depot:100 pack $37.50



maxell 8x + and - 100 pack for around $38 out the door.
MID dvd+r - Maxell002
dvd-r - MXLRG03
the 25 pax +r 8x are RICOHJP02.


Just to clarify, it’s buy one 50 pk for $34.99, get one free. (At least it is in California.)


Thanks! I like these better than TYs


can i like buy one -r and get one +r for free? :bigsmile:


hope everyone had better luck than me, when i went to my OD store,
the manager wouldn’t let me buy more than 2 pack.
He told me i could get more, but only could have 1 pack for free.
i guess i have to come back in a few days, or get my friends to get me more.
hope everyone had better luck than me


To each their own. I have had far better luck with the TYs from rima than Maxell MXL code discs.


Actually, I meant to say, better than Fuji TYs. I have had amazing luck with TY media from Rima. :wink:



It was not LUCK-

It was the “A” Grade products that Rima sends to all of us-

Life is good-



Same thing.Still walk out with 2 for $38.

No.Has to be the same.


I’ve tested the Fuji TYs and Maxell…prefer the Fuji media although both are very good.

Are those Made in Japan?


Yes,made in japan.
Maxell has fabulous media.I also like TY but the maxell is my workhorse for backups.


i went to buy some of these and noticed a 1/2 way open pack when i opened it the first disk had a huge bubble in it and the dye looked really crapy so these disk ar good to use? i know the 25 pk maxells worked great but they was ritek dye though


I just picked some up, thanks for the hot tip. This is the best deal I’ve seen for quality 8x media, even better than the 100pk of Fugi -R 8x Best Buy had for $39.99 around Christmas time. The store, In Corona, CA had plenty of stock left, deal is good til 2/26/05.


did they work good for movies Mrjeff


An even better deal is if you take the ad to Staples and get them to price match, since they do 110%. That should work out to $31.49 for 100 discs if my math is right.


The MIJ Maxell will not burn at 16X. 12X with modded NEC 3500 FW. I have a few 15-pack of Maxell. Great media! However, some discs have marks/spots at the outermost of the DVD. Could be a bad spindle.


110% after you’ve purchased from Staples at the higher price. Course the local OD store MUST have the media in stock. Staples stinks. No rain check. 14 day return on “TECHNOLOGY” stuffs.


I’ve had quite a few Maxell discs run through this PC and I’ve only had 2 bad ones.Not a bad ratio I think.There dvd-r media,to me,is the best.I’ve never had any better and I’ve tried everything icluding the kitchen sink.There dvd+r media is good but TY,Verbatim and Sony also shine at 8x and above more consistently.


You guys just have to keep tempting me and tempting me!!! So I got another 100 ricohjpnr01’s (like I needed more). Actually I have been going through them pretty fast latlly burning all the mpegs, avi’s, divx’s etc. that have acumulated on my computer over the years (in dvd format so it’s taking lots of disks). Only 1 billion more hours of transcoding to go. The sick thing is I’m considering getting more tomorow. I really don’t need to do that!!!


Just how good is this media? How can I tell which +R I get, Maxell002 or RICOHJP02, and which is preferred? I already have 200+ blanks of decent quality, but if this media is amazing, TY-amazing, I’ll bite. Is the + or - (MXLRG03) the better of the two?