Maxell 8X-R Media on Sale at FutureShop

Hi, I was visiting my local futureshop and i saw some Maxell 8Xdvd-r media 100 pack spindle for $49.99. It says made in japan on the spindle and the bottom of the spindle is black. I haven’t bought this media yet, i want to know if this is a good price for this media and what is most likely the media id code for these discs.

It is only 4X and the code is RICOHJPNR01 which is still a good price for a good brand.

-R? RicohJPNR01 is +R media :confused:

Actually it is 8X because that’s what it says on the actual spindle. However, they are advertised in the flyer and on the net as 4X but at the store they are 8X labeled spindles and it says made in japan on them.

The FS stores in Vancouver and Richmond have the MIT 4X only for both -/+R. SonnyUnlocker, where are you located? The MIJ 8X -R MID should be MXL RG03.

If that’s CDN then that is a good deal. :wink:

This is in the Kitchener store.

MXL RG03 if they are Japanese made Maxell 8x -R discs.

Yes, it’s CDN49.99 per 100 pk. Works out to <42US. But I still envy the frequent 39.99 Fuji TY and MIJ Sony deals they have down in the States.

Thanks for the info, Sonny.

Ok, I just bought a pack of 100 8X-R maxell that are on sale at futureshop for $49.99 and this is the code I get on the discs; MXL RG03, is this a good deal?

Yes, it’s a great deal. Too bad they don’t have 100 8X Maxell here in Vancouver.

There were 3 more spindles of the same left on the shelf, but i only need 100.

I just hope that as the market gets flooded with more media that FS has more sales. At mine the sales guys had to raincheck in 60 spindles because the store sold out on the first day, some guy came in and bout 20 spindles. Like damn! I just hope more sales of good media happen more often, so we can continue to enjoy your burns.

I don’t know if this is really such a good media, here are my scans of burns done with both NEC3500 and BenQ1620, Burned With NEC 3500

Burned With BenQ1620

I returned this media, I can get smartbuy8X cheaper then this and they burn great with much fewer PI count.

The BenQ scan looks fine and except for the area at around 0.5G the ND isn’t bad. I’d try another on the NEC before worrying. I seem to get a single high spike at around 0.25G no matter what the media on my ND-3500AG.