Maxell 8x DVD +/- seem to be TY media now

At my local Office Depot all the 25 and 50 packs of both DVD +/- say made in japan. Only the 100 packs they had said made in taiwan. tehy didn’t have the usual TY packaging though. If they are not TY what else can they be that is made in japen.

They also seemed to redisign the DVD looks as well.

the maxell DVD+R MIJ in 25’s are MAXELL002. I bought 8 of them and all are MAXELL002. i just don’t know about the -R’s. i use use benq 1620 pro and 822A and they worked perfectly fine.

The -R are Maxell media, always have been. MXLRG03

Yeah you are both right. I guess maxell is just strictly using there own stuff now.

so is this a good thing now???
I have had nothing but good experiences with the TYG01 media on the 4x, i hope the 8x (Gold top) wont dissapoint…

Made in Japan discs are always best quality you can buy.Also Maxell do.

I can’t say my experiences with the gold-topped MXLRG03 have been great. I had a whole 50 disc spindle that was of poor quality; my PX-712A would either drop the speed to 6x when attempting 8x burns, or the burns would just die. The few discs that successfully burned at 8x were okay. I’m planning on ordering some Maxell DVD-R Plus discs to compare to the regular retail stuff.

i bought a pack of 50x gold top maxell and was dissapointed that best buy had gotten rid of them… They kept the 4x DVD+R but got rid of 4x DVD-R…
i’m a bit skeptical since my burner happens to be quite old. :frowning:

well… I burnt 6 8x dvd-r with media code MXLRG03 and it worked flawlessly with my Pioneer DVR-A04. I would DEFINATELY reccomend these to anyone. i actually think that these might be better than the TYG01. I will keep you updated though.

Does any1 know the mid code on Maxell 50 spindle dvd-r 8x, made in taiwan ? they’re selling for reasonable prices here in australia (JB Hifi $37), but i’ve searched around and couldn’t find the mid code. If they’re ritek i don’t think they’re worth the money…

I just found this for any1 who’s interested…

Get the Japan ones :wink: Maxell is great media, on line with TY in my opinion. Also have Maxell here, priced lower than TY, abot the same price as Verbatim. :smiley:

Maxells state their 50 spindles in Australia use their own HGX stampers. They are just Ritek G05’s. They do not use HGX stampers. Maxell lie. Maxell suck. They are no better than these chinese discs that use TY codes.
AVOID these discs in Australia and buy some TY’s. Cheaper and better.

You have to look for the Made in Japan on the label. Skip the Taiwan produced spindles.

Maxell branded TY were great - but unfortunately they have switched away from TY for cost reasons. Won’t but them anymore.