Maxell 8x DVD-R TYG02?



Today my Maxell 8x DVD-R arrived (thermal printable but I don’t have the printer) anyway, I had figured I would be getting MXL RG03 as the label was Made in Japan, this is why I bought them :slight_smile:

Well I pop one in and it’s TYG02! I looked on Videohelp and didn’t fine any listing at all for TYG02.

Is this a rare occurrence or has this been the case but no one posted they had gotten TYG02??


Nope, this is normal. Ever since Maxell shipped most of their lines off to Ritek, Plus Series has been TYG02. There was actually a thread about this not too long ago IIRC.

Now, Maxell only makes a handful of their most expensive products themselves (Broadcast Quality, etc).


I see, thanks for the info buck I appreciate it.


The only way to get MXL RG03 now is to buy broadcast quality discs? They go for $2/disc! Ouch. Is that the cheapest line for these discs? What a rip.


Unfortunately, that’s life. All of the standard Maxell-branded discs are now made by the very same companies that supply second-class brands like Memorex - and they all use the MID codes of the discs’ respective manufacturers (RiTEK, CMC, Prodisc, etc.)


I bought a 100 disc pack of Maxell Medical Grade 8x DVD-Rs, which are MXLRG03, off of ebay. You may want to check there. They’re [B]really[/B] good quality.


I’ve just been reading about these, and I’ll bet that they’re amazing. I see ONE 100 pack of these on eBay for ~$55. ARGH. I can’t afford them right now. It seems as though Maxell has stopped producing these discs as well?



To be fair, they can be had for closer to $1/disc if you know where to look, and they come with really nice DVD cases.

But yeah, the Medical DVD-Rs from ebay is the other option. They also have the hardcoat and as far as I can tell they’re basically BQ with a different label. The reason why you’re seeing them being liquidated for cheap on ebay is because they were discontinued a while back, too.


I’m another here that has gotten TYG02 with maxell MIJ media. Worked nicely back in the day.


Because the average Joe looks at the price tag first. :frowning:


Isn’t this because they are moving to HD-DVD and BluRay production at their Japanese plant :confused:


Isn’t that a different technology that requires all new equipment? Why’d they destroy their DVD equipment. ;(


They didn’t destroy it, they shipped most of their lines to a Taiwanese manufacturer (we think it’s Ritek) for most of the production to be done there. I think they still have a few lines left in Japan that will stay there for production of the high end discs (BQ, HG, Mori, MediaBox, etc.).


Actually, you can still find lots of older, but problematic (as in bonding nightmares) consumer-grade MXLRG03s in Sears. Price is $23 for a 50-pack, but if you wait for a sale elsewhere on Maxell media, you can get a price match that will bring them down to around $12.

They also sell high-grade MAXELL002s with hardcoats in Wal-Mart. A 5-pack of those is $10.


I see some shiny silver 8X DVD-R Maxell discs on Newegg @$25 for a 50ct. unbranded cakebox.

According to VideoHelp, they could either be CMC MAG. AE1, RITEKG05, or MXL RG03. Is there any chance at all these days that these discs are MXL RG03?


The VideoHelp entry is for the retail, consumer-grade Maxell 8x DVD-Rs. The shiny silver discs are considered to be professional media and are always MIJ. The chance of them being MXL RG03 is pretty slim though.


I have about 150 Maxell 8X dash MXL RG03 and believe me there is nothing special about them, maybe years ago they were considered good when media was burned at 4X but compared to Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden they are just avg, discs at best.


Premium-grade MXLRG03 trounces anything TY or MKM/MCC can put out IMO.


[B]Dolphinius_rex [/B]posted some relevent information earlier today.

Supposedly, Maxell will be returning Plus Series production to their own Japanese facility. This is pure speculation on my part, but perhaps there is even a chance that the new Plus Series will be made on short serial lines? Plus Series had been long serial for a while now :doh:


That is some great news. It’s nice to have a guy like DD that can get the inside info for us.