Maxell 8x DVD+R/-R made in Taiwan?

Does anyone know who is making these and how good are they?

In Australia and some other parts of the world MIT Maxell is RiTEK crap…doesn’t last.

I bought some 8X +R at Office Depot and they are Maxell002. They burn great at 12X using MCC004 Strat Swap on My Liteon 1693.

Where were the Maxell002 made? I don’t think there are made in Taiwan.

Maxell002 is made in Japan.

-R is made by RITEK

+R is made by RITEK or RICOHJPN

Japan = MAXELL or MXL
Taiwan = RITEK

Not been RICOH discs in a while now.

I have Maxell bought at Staples that are Ritek with Media Type R03 and product revision 002.

Are These Bad Disks ??? Is Ritek Bad Media ?

Ritek isn’t horrible, but it’s not great either.

The Maxells I have were made in Japan, Bought at Office Depot.

Code Maxell002

Disagree - The Maxell based RiTEKS are fairly good and produce good scans, and I have not had issues with longevity, as far as +R is concerned.

Most of the Maxell discs sold are made in Taiwan and are RITEKR03-R02 - Ritek is mixed - From my experience the RITEKS from Maxells are ok…now keep in mind nothing is set in stone - you can end up on a crappy batch too…

There are very few RICOHJPNs now - if you find those they will be RICOHJPN03 and are made in Taiwan.

The Japan based Maxells are MAXEL002, and in my opinion and experience have a very high PIF total but good PI totals, and of course good individual PIF maximums.

If you really want consistant quality, go for TY… If you want to gamble, go for Ritek :smiley:

OK, well with the -r Ritek G05 even though Maxell use batches that have a serial number different to the ‘ordinary’ G05’s, but there has been some evidence from an .au forum that even these deteriorate.

I’ve seen less threads here on Ritek R03 deterioration, but there have been some. Some people said the Maxel MIT -r don’t deteriorate, some say it does. You say the +r doesn’t, i say if it’s ritek 8x then be careful.

rich disks are made by ritek, and if ritek cant get there own stuff right the rich disks have been suffering too i am talking bout the hit or miss 16x generation of media

I have had a good luck with just the same media here:
Got some similar results within the batch.

But like been already said, using RITEK media nowadays is “hit or miss” – next batch was not so good. :sad:

Here is some new maxell media I have seen on sale today:

  1. 25+3 spindle of 8x DVD-R or DVD+R. Made in Taiwan is printed in hungarian. There is also a maxell address in Hungary.

  2. 10+1 pack of 8x DVD-R or DVD+R in slim cases. No indication of country of origin.

  3. 5 pack of 8x DVD-R or DVD+R media in jewel cases. Made in Japan is printed on the back.

Appearence of all above discs is identical (gold face).

Can anyone identify the media codes?

Suspecting we are sharing one and the same source -
In my country:

  • 25x spindle of 8x DVD-R or DVD+R. Made in Taiwan – all by RITEK
    – 10x pack pastel slim case – BUT NO ORIGIN on the package – haven’t tried them

I certainly won’t getting any maxell spindles made in Taiwan, but I am curious about the rest two.

But unless there is some insane sale going on, Maxell discs are quite a bit more than their Ritek branded counterparts. The quality might fair a little bit better than the unbranded but if you are paying significantly more for it then it isn’t worth the gamble.

just got some maxell DVD+R x8 that are RITEK R03 and they’re working like absolute crap.

When I go out and buy DVDs, should I look for made in Taiwan?

the best luck I ever had with DVDs was some nexxtech DVD-Rs that were MCC

When you buy media you should look for made in Japan.
MCC is Mitsubishi Chemical Company made in Japan.

MCC is not made in Japan, it’s made mostly in Taiwan, some in India and very rarely now in Singapore.