Maxell 8x DVD-R Quality

I got 100 pk spindle of Maxell (Made In Japan) 8x dvd-r for $38 at office depot. Are these media any good? I don’t know the MID since I haven’t opened it (so i can return them if they’re not good). Are these comparable in quality to the Taiyo Yuden (fujifilm and tDK)? Will these media last more than a year or two? Thanks

Maxell -r are the only one comparable to Tayo Yuden.
Their media code have to be MXL RG03. They’re excellent media i won’t return if i was you
Anyway for what driver did you buy?

You can go here: and it will give you an idea of the speeds you may want to burn them at, I bought the same 100 pack and am happy with them. :slight_smile:

Just be sure to check through the discs for visable defects. I won’t touch Maxell or Fuji media after my experiences with them. :wink:

What happened?

I have a Pioneer DVR-104. It can only burn up to 2x. But I’m thinking of upgrading to another burner. Any suggestions? I only try to buy media that are made in Japan (TDK, Fujifilm, etc…).

1st choices: NEC or BenQ
2nd choices: LG, Pioneer, Plextor

Read up on other people’s opinions:

Maxell media made in Japan is very good stuff in my experience. :slight_smile:

Every time Maxell (made in Japan) :bow: goes on sale at Office Depot, I rush in to buy them. I’ve burned a ton of these – plus and minus! I’m very surprised they scored so low on the “which media do you prefer” CDFreaks poll. But I guess we have a lot of online buyers.

Maybe I got a bad spindle or else I need to burn with something other than my beloved Benq, but the one time I used Maxell MIJ - the scans sucked big time. My PIF graphs looked like the back of pissed off porcupine :frowning:

LOL ! :smiley:

This is a scan that I did on my Benq 1620. The Disc was burned at 12x instead of 8x, ie oversped burnt. As you can tell, it is a not too bad burn at all. I know there are tonnes of these scans avail on the site, but at least with this one you do not have to use the search button :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy the fact that you got a not too bad deal on these. Just so you know, I picked this 100 pack up at my local Future Shop, yesterday. 39.99 CDN for 100 of these, sale ends shortly. Get em while you can, excellent dvds.