Maxell 8X DVD+R inkjet printable discs

I found some of these on sale at $2.97 for a pack of 15. This is cheaper than a regular pack of DVD+Rs. My question is, do you have to use these with an inkjet printer or can you just write on it with a black marker like with regular DVD+Rs? I just wanted some feedback before I actually buy them. Will the ink from the marker run or smudge on these types of discs?

A Sharpie-type marker will work fine with inkjet printable discs.

Mind if I ask where you found this incredible deal? And are they made in Taiwan or made in Japan?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Probably at Staples or Office Depot.

Nice if they burn & play ok,

Yes, where? The MIJ 25 packs go for $13.88 at Walmart…

I found these on the web at Best Buy Canada. They don’t have anymore to order online with shipping, but I notice you can order them online if you go to the store to pick them up. As for where they’re made, I don’t know. I only saw these on the web. However, I’ve used Maxells before with no problems, and I’m hoping these will work just as well.

I just noticed Future Shop Canada selling the same thing on sale for $13.59. So I think I will get a few packs at Best Buy for sure. At this price, I don’t think it would be a big lose to try them.

I had about 100 of them, the old one is MIJ but only burn as good as Sony 8x MIT, B to B+ in my book, good buy any way

Thanks for posting. My nearest store has one in stock - although it could very well be misplaced/stolen/phantom stock. I placed an order, and even if it doesn’t end up panning out, it’s ok since I’ll be in the area on Tuesday anyway :smiley:

it is good for short term in my book, most of my stock are TY or YD 002 I just bought them to test out

Are these good discs?

Made in Japan (real?) with hub code Q171BJ284-2908816.

I bought mine from Future Shop ($13.59) and had them price match Best Buy ($2.97). The total came to under $2 per 15-pack. I cleaned out one store, but if these are a good buy, I’ll visit another Future Shop.

Hmm, that’s not a hub serial system I’m familiar with. What is the MID on those discs?

Maxell 002

2.4 X - 4 X - 8 X - 8.0 X - 12 X

I dont know it is real or not burn I dont have any coastal withit, the Qua. scan is not even close to TY

I bought 12 of the +Rs for 1.67 each after price match witch turned out to be 1.90 with taxes. And bought 2 or the -Rs for the same price. Just opened up a +R and indeed it’s Maxell 002s, now let’s see how they burn in my pioneer 111L. The price comes out to 12.5cents per dvd canadian which isn’t too bad.

Here is a scan of the +R maxells burned on a pioneer 111L @12X which is the fastest speed allowed. I’ll test the -R shortly and report on that one too. The MID for the -Rs is MXL RG03.

Ok, here is a scan of the MXL RG03 burned at 12X in pioneer 111D@111L firmware 8.26.