Maxell 4x dvd-r Bad burns

Im using a Liteon 832s VS0A. I burned a mxl rg02 dvd-r with mxl rg02 strat and it resulted in really high Pi and Po errors. What should I do to get better results with these media?? Which writing strategy should I switch to??

please help

Check out the [thread=100190]“Changing write strategies (results thread)”[/thread] at the top of the forum. Also you could try VS0B…

I couldn’t find anyone that uses MXL RG02 Maxell 4x Dvd-r’s on this thread.

Well I used these Maxells for backup of my children dvd movies - they make batlles with dvds deciding which movie to look first but anyway … I had no problems with these, However i prefer Platinum which are available in cdfreaks shop

and by the way upgraded to CG3B improves the qualti of burns made on maxell’s