Maxell 4.7GB DVD-R Spindle, 50/Pack $14.94

ghetocowboy its not online only u need to take a printout of the online sales coupon and any store will honour the same price for you. Thats how I got my 2 spindles.

Surely you meant US$ 42.5 ?

ok kenny have i got a bargain for you. i will sell you 1 completely full spindle and 1 spindle missing 1 disc (for a test burn @ 16x) for the $425 in fact i will even through in shipping at that price… so what do you say? :iagree: :iagree:

it might be taxed by the north korean government, thats why from $0.85 per disc X 50 = $425

I think Kenshin is from South Korea.