Maxell 2x dvd-r (real Maxell)

Maxell 2x dvd-r media for 2,59 Euro each!

They are really made by Maxell (MXL RG01) and write flawlessly to their full capacity of 4489 MB at 2x speed

Manufacturer : Maxell
Code : MXL RG01
Disc Type : DVD-R
Usage : General
Recording Layer : -
Recording Speed : 1 X - 2 X
Capacity : 4.38 GB
4707321856 Bytes
Additional Capacity : -
Overburn Capacity : -

Information from CDSpeed. Are they any good/ are they the real item? I just came across these at my local computer market. The discs are branded as “Info Smart”. On the dvd it says 1-4X but it can only be burnt at 2X.

Only 1.5 Euro here.

I’ve tested the dye and they are Maxell.