Maxell 16x +r's

Dept mgr at Wal-Mart here said that they will be putting there 100 pck spindles on clearance in the very near future. Anyone have any info on who is making there 16x’s and if there any good?

I went to several office depot to check out the 16X maxell, but haven’t ran into an MIJ spindle of 16X maxell yet. So I’ll prolly wont touch maxell media even I am a big fan of Maxell Hitachi CD-R

Putting them on Clearance? Already?

Sounds more like they are clearing out the 8x speed maxells,in for of 16x’s. I haven’t seen any 16x maxells yet.

100 pks? The only 100 pks my local walmart has is Imation. They’ve got a slew of +8x maxell hitachi. I can’t wait till for the clearance on them. Other walmarts have been clearing out the maxell full hub inkjet printable 8x.

Ohh clearance of 8x, I didn’t see 8x in the post only 16x.

As a former employee of Wal-Mart, embarassing as it is, Wal-Mart changes what they are carrying from time to time, and usually around May-June they change their electronic department around and whatever they aren’t gonna carry anymore gets put on clearance, although I personally think Wal-Mart’s clearance is about the weakest clearance any B&M store does, so I wouldn’t expect too good of a deal out of it.

He says 16X. So I guess they are discontinuing Maxell Branded media. Now good stuffs are getting rarer and rarer. Staples discontinued carrying verbatim a few months back. Office Depot is clearing out Verbatim also. Now Wal-Mart is stop selling Maxell. I guess this is the end of DVD-R era or getting closer to the end of blank dvd era.

OK guys, I have to chime in here as I live very close to the Maxell USA facility in Fairlawn NJ, I stop by there sometimes, this is the facility where they do all Warrantee Replacement. They told me that they are phasing out the 8X media all together but much is still in stock, when a store or stores orders media they will be sent some of each until the 8X is gone. They has no idea what I was talking about when Iasked about the Maxell003 media code. So there you have it.

There getting away from 100 packs. All they have left are Imation and maxell in 100 packs.