Maxell 16X -R/+R, 100 discs for $29.99 @ OD

Starting Tomorrow, 05/14, Office depot is having a sale on Maxell 16X media, buy one get one free, a spindle of 50 is $29.99, get the 2nd spindle for free, thus 100 discs = $29.99. You could find a brand new media, it might be new Maxell 16X, TY03, or could be something else. I know Chas009 is gonna give it a shot if they are indeed brand new media with never seen before MID.


ghetocowboy thanks for the info. I hope it is MAXELL003

So far, I don’t think there is MIJ 16X spindles in North America. :frowning:

The 16X DVD+R should be either PHILIPSC16, CMCMAGM01, or RICOHJPNR03.

The 16X DVD-R should be either RITEKF1, PRODISCF02, and maybe even CMCMAGAM3.

The only ones worth considering are the RICOHJPNR03, IMO.

What makes you think they can’t be Maxell 003?

I’ve personally encountered only PHILIPS C16 (16x +R, in Canada) and RITEKF1 (16x -R, in the U.S.), but MAXELL 003 or MXL RG04 may be out there, on Office Depot shelves. I am sure we will know more tomorrow.

just curious, how can I tell which spindles it may be for 16X DVD+R media, would it say on the package label? thanks

The spindles will be marked with either “8x” in a yellow rectangle or “16x” in an orange rectangle. Very easy to spot even from a distance.

oh I meant if the spindles are made by Maxell or not, how can I tell what brand they actually are? thanks

If they are made by Maxell, they will state “Made in Japan” next to the barcode. If you see any, post about it in this thread, that’s bound to generate a lot of excitement around here :slight_smile:

If they are made in Taiwan, you can spot 16x -R RITEKF1 [which, trust me, you don’t want] by looking for black numbers printed near the hub, as shown below. All Ritek-manufactured media have these.

I would avoid all made in Taiwan 16x -R Maxells, but the rest of the possible media codes [CMC MAG M01, PHILIPS C16 16x +R] are okay or quite good in most drives.

First, I’ve never heard of any reports of MAXELL003 in spindles, and second I suspect Maxell is trying to get out of the consumer media manufacturing game. All of the MIJ 16X Maxell that I know of has had the 6 digit short serial associated with Maxell’s high end media.

MXLRG04 and MAXELL003 CAN be found in jewel cases, I’ve seen them myself.

Only see? You didn’t take some? :bigsmile:

Err… well I have MAXELL003, as you may recall, but no MXLRG04. I just can’t justify $1+ for MXLRG04. :stuck_out_tongue:

Today in Waldgreens I saw 16X -r in 10 pack slim jewel cases made in Japan. Will wait for a sale before testing.

So to get maxell003 or MXLRG04, you have to look for MIJ spindle, and even with MIJ spindles, you still only have 50% chance of running into maxell media, the other 50% is TY, which is the risk I am willing to take. I am not saying Maxell is better than TY, but I just want to try out new media with new MID

It’s not TY. They look like Prodisc’s new spindles. So, if you are willing to give ProdiscF02 and maybe PRODISC R05 a try, go ahead…

wow, I did not know Agent009 is in Hawaii, I dont think you will see this deal till next week Agent009, since Hawaii is 1 week late, sometimes they dont even have this deal at all

just returned from OD and the have no 16x Maxell at the store I checked, only 8x with the bogo ad and the employee that I talked to said he has not seen 16x Maxell but he checked the online ad and yep it said 16x :frowning:

I guess that OD is a slow selling OD, and thus they still have a lot of 8X left and thats why they haven’t stock up the 16X since they still have the 8X in their inventory.

The OD I went to today didn’t have any 16x Maxell either, and no MIJ spindles aside from inkjet printables (which aren’t BOGO unfortunately).

Any1 has any luck on landing on MIJ 16X spindles, or do you even see 16X spindle at all??? I have finals coming up so I dont have time to go check it out.