Maxell 16x DVD-R showing as RITEKF1

Just got some of these discs online from and a heads-up that they are RITEKF1. This is in line with the trend that genuine MIJ Hitachi Maxell is virtually impossible to find in the UK.

You can find the genuine MIJ stuff, but you have to look bloody hard for it. As I posted in another Maxell thread, the MIJ 8x +Rs in cardboard packaging (not the shrinkwrapped stuff, that’s RITEK R03) in ASDA has all been MAXELL002 for me.

I didn’t know about the 16x stuff, so cheers for the heads-up on that! :slight_smile:

Out of interest there is no place of manufacture on the packaging. These came in a 25 spindle and look like this:

Yeah, the 8x 25 spindles in ASDA are the same - no country of origin at all.