Maxell 16X DVD-R ( MXL RG04 )

I bought Maxell 8x dash media Made in Taiwan Media Code Ritek G-05

I have a friend that works in the Fairlawn N.J. facility of Maxell USA. He sent me these very discs you have a week ago. They are single discs in jewel cases and have a media code of MXLR G04. These were made in Japan and burned great on my LG 4163B. I only had 5 but he said they would be available in the US in August or Sept 05.

nice, what goes on at the Maxell Fairlawn facility ?
( of course you could always invite your friend to post here on our forums :wink: )

He works in “Warranty Replacement” so he has access to a whole warehouse of discs, but his knowledge of them is very limited. He had only burned at 4x because his burner is a Pioneer 106D. When I last spoke with him, he told me about the 16x media. They got a skid for distribution to Video Editing companys. I only got a five pack, all individually wraps in plastic. He said to look for them in Walmart and Office Depot first after the summer.

I feel they are going to be cheap. Lucky people you are. :slight_smile:

I think he said the retail was going to be around 29.99 for 50 but they always have sales. Office Depot had the MXLR G03 on sale for 17.99 for 50 Made in Japan.

Even US$30 for 50 16x Maxell DVD media is cheap. :frowning:

Why do you say that. I get 16x Verbatim media for 9.99USD for 25 and I get Maxell MXLR G03 which burns at 16x in my Nec for 17.99 for 50. 30.00USD is not cheap by any means. What media are you comparing them to.

9.99USD is not the normal price for 25 MCC004 or MCC03RG20; that’s a sale price that’s not always available. It’s usually 19.99 for 25. $30 regular price for 50 quality 16x media is a good price.

In New Jersey, where I live is a very competative area. In a 2 mile radius, there are Best Buy, CompUSA, Circuit City, Office Depot, Sams Clus BJs Wholesale Club, Office Max and Staples all competing for the same business, they have sales on a regular basis, almost every third week Verbs are sale somewhere. Not mention all other quality media. If you can’t get it here, you probably can’t get it anywhere. I forgot to mention Walmart that has Maxells on sale everyday.