Maxell 12x DVD-RAM, anyone tried it?

well, has anyone tried this media?

It should be MXL22.

12x P-CAV burns can be done in some burners in about 5:40ish without verification.
See our review pages for 12x DVD-RAM writings on new burners (ie LG GSA-H22N, Sony DRU-830A, Samsung S182D, Optiarc AD-7173 etc):

Cool, used Audiocubes before and they ship to the UK.

Now there on my shopping list!

Send me some of the discs and I’ll let you know how they work :wink:

Don’t forget that DVD-RAM is not backward compatible (similar to CD-RW). You will not be able to write 12x media on a 5x DVD-RAM burner. However you will be able to read it.

Here is a recent create disc on MXL22 @12x on DW1800, verification off (streaming enabled).
Who want to interpret the disk quality scan?

Great googelty-moogelty!!! $12 for one disk!

:bigsmile: lol - for once, I do [I]not [/I]volunteer! :disagree:
(Hi [B]Zevia [/B]:))

That price is just super-ridicilous!!!

Price - this is the main reason why I don’t like DVD-RAM (although I do think its a very good format in design :))

its been imported from Japan, so that would explain the price a bit


From my limited testing with 3x and 5x DVD-RAM media, I’ve found that you need to burn/overwrite a DVD-RAM disc a few times before you get any menaningful results on scans.

I don’t see anything scarry about those results. I do find it interesting that a 5x DVD-RAM drive will read it at 12x–or is that a bit of confusion in my reading of your scan?

You’re looking at the wrong speed line - the white is the write speed line, the green is the test speed line.

Regarding DVD-RAM quality scanning, the tests I’ve done of my Panasonic 3x and 5x discs have far lower PIE levels, under 20 max.

Why not? :stuck_out_tongue:
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I ordered one of these, through Audiocubes, on 1/20/2007. I just received it now (1/27/2007). Great service!

The idea of DVD-RAM is great, I think. That it can be used just like a hard disk drive for backups. Sounds great for Audio and Video project studios.

I ordered 3 of them and if you figure in the shipping it’s really very cheap. Why do i say cheap? Because of the shipping from Japan. They were shipped to me from Japan for $8 usd. I just checked some shipping prices from midwest USA to UK and it cost more than what i payed for these plus shipping!

when will it arrive?

I already have them :slight_smile: Took 6 days from order time till i had them.

If you have the ASUS 1814BLT you can burn them at 14X; covered in our reveiew here at CDF.

Nope don’t have it. Ala42 isn’t even going to mess with it :frowning:

Damn! In Estonia the 3x DVD-RAM media is rare, I have never seen even 5x media here, not to mention 12x media :frowning: But 12x DVD-RAM writers are available here :rolleyes: