Maxell 100packs of DVD-R and +R-what media code?

On the shelves of a Future Shop store in Montreal I today saw 100 packs of 4X rated media from Maxell. Both the DVD+R and DVD-R spindles were labelled as Made in Taiwan but the markings on the hub didn’t look like those on the Made in Taiwan 25-pack spindles which would normally be RICOHJPNR01 (DVD+R) and RITEKG04 (DVD-R). I don’t need to buy a spindle that large right now but I was wondering if anybody has yet and would know who is supplying the media to Maxell? Is Maxell now making their own media or are they buying it from a new source?

Maxell has been making its own media, but it’s made in Japan, so those spindles have to be something else.

I saw those too, they look like some sweatshop worker put them together so I bought the 50 disc spindle

My brother and I have a theory for the 25 & 50 packs of Memorex. If the spindle itself is made out of grey plastic and on the bottom showing a recycle triangle with the number 5 in it, then these will be Ricoh. If the spindle is black, then the media is CMC. So far it’s proven true. So, I look for the grey bottom spindle. Don’t know about the 100 packs.

Same for the CDs. Maxell with grey bottoms are always Ritek here in India.

I just purchased a spindle of 100 Maxell DVD-R media from the Future Shop in Waterloo, ON, and Nero InfoTool displays the manufacturer id as RITEKG04.

Also, I’ve noticed that the sticker for the 100 pack Maxell DVD+R and DVD-R on the shelves lists the price of $139.99CDN, but they are actually on sale for $79.99CDN until October 28th

The DVD+R discs can be found here and the DVD-R discs can be found here

Also, if you want to be really picky, the description for these items, on the shelf, in the weekly flyer, and on the website all claim that jewel cases are included :wink: