Maxell 100 8x spindles MIJ sticker over MIT

I have a 100 spindle of Maxell 8x DVD+R and DVD-R, which I bought earlier and haven’t opened. Since it was a MIJ sticker over MIT how could I make sure the discs inside are all/mostly MIJ instead of MIT. I think I read somewhere that these spindles might be MIT discs inside and I have seen 8x 100 spindle that actually says MIJ. I have tried searching but didn’t find the answer.

Sadly you can’t be sure. It’s been reported several times here that the “MIJ” mention on Maxell packages can’t be trusted for time being, many having found Ritek media in “MIJ” packages. :frowning:

Better look for some different media. I don’t recommend the regular Maxell line anymore just because of this. A pity. :rolleyes:

Hi Gamezgirl :slight_smile:

Sadly, Franck is spot on. Mislabelling, especially on 8x Maxell media it seems, is a common thing :frowning:

Don’t worry, if it’s a MIJ sticker on stop of MIT, and not the other way around, it’s always MIJ. Or at least, I’ve never heard reports otherwise here in Canada where sticked MIJ is plentiful.

I can be mistaken, but I think I remember at least one case reported here of a G05 spindle with a MIJ sticker over MIT…

I’m pretty sure I remember that, too…so you’re not alone. Either it happened, or we’re both nuts :bigsmile:

And here in the UK, it wasn’t so much spindles, as 5-packs, jewel cased, that were erroneously labelled “MIJ” (ended up with a couple of packs myself).

Why not give those “MIJ Ritek” or what ever back to the shop or contact Maxell for a replacement? I mean its their fault… I would try if I got a 100pcs box of “MIJ Riteks”.

You have to wonder about this sticker thing. Think about it. Why would a factory in Taiwan be putting Japan stickers on their packages? Why would they even have Japan stickers in the factory? Or, is it a case of the media being made in one place and the packaging being done in a 3rd country?

Either way, I can’t help wondering if some people are switching the stickers on the media while it’s on the shelf in the store. Maybe in an effort to prevent the Japan stock from getting bought up. Food for thought.

:eek:…what a horrible thought :eek:

Ahhhhhh now I get I’m not a dum bass

MIT = Made in Taiwan

MIJ = Made in Japan

Minds me of an Irish Joke :slight_smile:

Paddy buys a new pair of shiny shoes, he’s heading out on the town and his mum stops him and says " Paddy one of your laces is open" “its alright” said Paddy “the box said Taiwan”

[B]For those not familiar with Irish coloquelisms[/B]
Wan = One

Come on now Arachne its not that bad! I still get a giggle out of it :wink: your never to old to giggle LOL

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Edit: I did giggle, hence the smiley :wink:

On the subject of taking the mislabelled discs back to the shop…I never tried that (and the discs have been used/given away now). I wonder what kind of reaction I’d have gotten :bigsmile:

I returned a 25 pack of Maxell G05’s to Argos like this, no problem. I originally asked to view them before I handed over the cash to make certain they were MIJ, and the cakebox was labled so. I just told them the country of origin was wrong and that IMO that made the packaging misleading. The girl behind the counter just smiled and gave me my cash back.

I suppose it will depend where you bought the media as to if they give you a refund. There were loads of people behind me at the customer service department returning lawnmowers, baby carriers HI-FIs… etc so the girl probably just gave everyone a refund to get on her lunch break! :bigsmile:

It would be the small independant stores where you may have problems returning stuff. Especially if you’ve opened the pack to check the MID.

Gotcha, cheers for that, Kim - I got mine in ASDA (the mislabelled ones). Now I know how to explain it if it happens again! :slight_smile:

This is very strange - I have found the opposite lately. MIT stickers over MIJ ones.

Actually I think they have started fixing the problem by reversing it.

If you do spot a spindle with MIJ originally on the spindle’s cover (next to the UPC) then they are likely MAXELL,s own brand with media code MAXEL002, and in my opinion they are poor (extremely high PIF total count). I was once a big fan of Maxell media, but since end 2004 I have been avoiding it like plague, they have gone down in quality, both the maxell’s own brand and their riteks.

Now Maxell has introduced a lineo f Maxell PLUS series, professional grade and claimed to be better than Taiyo Yuden - I have not tested those yet.

I have noticed that in most scans of Maxell media in the BenQ forums the PIF totals are usually higher than most TY or MCC media, but totals are only usefull for spotting reliability/degredation problems.

It’s the spread of PIFs along the disc and height of PIE/PIF spikes you should be concerned about when assessing initial burn quality. Using this criteria, Maxell media burns well IMO. :iagree:

Maxell Plus really isn’t new; you can get the same quality from the Apple-branded MXLRG03 which have been around for quite a while. Originally all of the MXLRG03 was at the Plus-level quality but in low quantities; sometime in 2004 Maxell started making discs with different hub serial numbering (perhaps being made at a different factory in Japan or on a different line?) which were of obviously lower quality but higher quantities of those discs were seen. As far as the quality of the premium-grade Maxell media vs TY, often it depends on the burner, but in my testing the MXLRG03 burn a bit better than TYG02 on my drives except for the 712A (about the same) and the 716A (historically doesn’t burn MXLRG03 that well).

Yes, Maxell has different lines for their different product lines. Premium MXLRG03 (ie Plus Series, Broadcast Quality, Apple, anything sold in Japan, etc) is in no way comparable to “consumer grade” MXLRG03 you’d find in plain old Maxell.

The not-so-great MXLRG03 with the longer hub serial numbers is sold in Japan as well.

I don’t agree 100% with this. I would not worry about a small area with high PIF totals…However, from all the MAXELL002 I have used, the PIF total is spread out throughout the entire disc with total PIFS as high as 3000-5000… Even if each individual PIF is below 4, I would worry about a high total for long term storage. As to TY disc, all of hundreds of DVD+R 8x I have used have never had a PIF total over 80 for a FULL DISC, and that is a worse case scenario…for some discs I would get 43. The odd part is that when I used Maxell DVD+R RITEK R03, the total PIF count was very good, usually <400 for a full disc - compared to 3000-5000 for a Maxell002… :slight_smile: