Maxell 1-8x DVD-Rs available in Australia!

G’day all,

For all Aussies out there: JB Hi-Fi are now selling 5-packs of Made in Japan Maxell 1-8x DVD-R media. They are genuine MXL RG03 and work at 16x on some writers. Even more amazing is the price - they’re selling them at $9.95 per 5-pack. The store I usually go to has plenty of stock in, so go and grab a bargain while you can!


GAAAAAAAAAAAH! Only way I know of to get MXL RG03 in retail stores in the US is to buy the Apple branded discs, which cost 14.99 to 19.99 USD (20.63 to 25.51 AUD)for a 5 pack! You guys get to pay only 7.23 USD for Maxell’s own brand, so no crazy Apple markup. NOT FAIR!

But Americans have better access to quality TY media than Australians, so you should count yourself lucky too…


I prefer MXL RG03 to TYG02 personally…

Nice terminal , i might get a pack for testing :slight_smile:

DAMNIT! I want my TYG02 and YUDEN00T02!

Can’t get those anywhere in Perth! :a


If MAXELL002 starts showing up you won’t need T02s…

Thanks for the heads up, might have to check out my local JB… though I still have 100 TYG01’s to go through lol :wink:

This Maxell really goes well with TDK 1616N. :smiley:

Don’t feel too bad. AFAIK, you can’t get either of those anywhere downunder.

Incidentally, has anyone tried the Maxell 8x -Rs in a Lite-on drive? If so, how do they perform?

Ritek 8x can burn at 12x on the pioneer 108, you can get 25 for $25 at little computers on paynhem roard, adelaide.

Btw, difference between 16x and 12x is minimal.

Good find nevertheless, for those who can’t get Ritek G05 :slight_smile:

RITEKG05 is easy to find, it’s everywhere on eBay and you can get it from Digicity or the like. I wouldn’t burn the stuff at higher than 8x though.

MXL RG03 is definetly more reliable though, especially at 8x and 12x speeds.


Not quite true. I personally bought some TYG02’s from , not sure if they ship to WA but the TY’s that hey have are the That’s branded ceramic coat (they are beautiful looking disks BTW). As pointed out in the CDR bargains thread, stock TYGO2’s and they will ship anywhere in Austrlalia.

In regards to the YUDEN00T02, those are not yet available in Oz but Select media are expecting delivery of TY 4x +R discs (YUDEN00T01?) in November

Ta for the heads up. :slight_smile: :bow:

Not sure if I’ll get any as I still have about 30 TY G01s on my current spindle and have on order a spindle of 50 Verb DLP 8x -Rs but it’s nice to know that they are available downunder. :slight_smile:

I just bought a couple at JB and burnt one at 8x on my Litey 832S (VS0B) this evening. Very impressive. :smiley:

Just found a new LASER DVD-R they are TYGO2 branded looks like the part number is DVD-L-RB50MV TRY for a supplyer near you.
Hope this helps some of you I paid $35.00 for a spindle of 50.

Sorry but Laser 8x Dvd -R discs use a fake Taiyo Yuden media code and are considered by most people to be of extremely low quality.

[Indeed, one should always assume that any media using a fake media code is of very low quality given that any manufacturer producing something decent is going to want to differentiate its products by using its own distinctive media code NOT by pretending that its discs are made by a manufacturer with a vastly superior reputation; in this particular case, Taiyo Yuden.]

Quote from LASER “We use a Stamper to create the disc that was created by Taiyo Yuden. That is why they have a stamper code of TY or similar. Taiyo Yuden will not recognise Laser media as being made by Taiyo Yuden as they are NOT. They are made by Laser.”

Query whether even that’s correct since their 4x -R media are Princos.

Terminal you are definitely a Perth media buying bargain hunter’s dream!

Has anyone bought any of the TY+R’s from
Or even know what the prices are?
We can get That’s -R’s over here but my burner is not overly impressed by -R media.

Sorry only just noticed the date of the original post- doh!
If any one knows the +RTY prices that would still be cool.