MAXELL 003 in UK

Just to let UK users know, today I got a cardboard boxed pack of 5 jewel cased Maxell 16x discs from ASDA with MIJ on the box, and they’re MAXELL 003.

Oh yeah baby…nice one, Kev - if I see any at my own local ASDA, I shall snap up as many as I can. :bigsmile:

I did look on Tuesday, there were none there that I saw, but I’m going again Sunday…I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed. :bigsmile:

BTW, be sure to let us know how they burn for you. :wink:

I’m pleased as punch at the find - my ASDA is usually pretty bad for media. I’m saving them as I’ve got nothing good enough for them :bigsmile:

Don’t forget, they must say MIJ on the box. They also look brighter than the Maxell RICOHJPN R03 that I got previously.

I would have been too (and so is my ASDA :Z). And you’re gonna make us wait for scans, huh?

Tease :bigsmile:

OK, here’s a scan of one done in a BenQ 1650 BCHC. Savour the excellence :bow:

Verrrrry nice. I see you gave in to temptation :bigsmile:

O/T: Where did you get your BenQ from Arachne?

I got it from PC World as a Philips 1660, then crossflashed it. £39, which to me is worth it 'cause so far it’s proving to be a very nice drive :iagree:

Edit: hope it burns those Maxells as well as yours (even though I’m using different firmware)…if it does, I’ll be well pleased!

Same here - mine was the £19 one from SVP and was also a 1660 that I crossflashed :smiley:

Ahhhh, cool :D…well, it certainly likes those Maxells. Can’t wait to get hold of some :iagree:

Keep your fingers crossed - the only reason they’re in my ASDA is because the RICOHJPN R03 boxed ones were sold out before.

Oh drat…my local one has plenty of the cardboard boxed ones, which I assume are also RICOHJPN R03 :(…mind you, when I was looking for MAXELL002, they were there alongside the Ritek R03s, so there’s still hope. :eek:

I’m pretty certain that was the reason, as they’ve only been stocked up very recently. Still, it’s more than worth the time checking

Kevatcrewe , could you please repost up the full scan information for the scan you posted, as it seems to be cut off :confused:

Sorry, I had to do that because of my computer. It seems to be reallt iffy this evening. That was all I could get up at the time. I’m really busy with college work, but I promise I’ll do it if I remember :slight_smile:

Grrrr, my local ASDA still doesn’t have them. I’m gonna have to mug Kev at this rate :iagree:

I picked some of these up yesterday and am very pleased with the results! :iagree: Highly recommended even if they are a little pricey. :bigsmile:

Burned in BenQ 1650 BCHC @ 12X, SB On, WOPC OFF.

The Maxell 4X I picked up from Currys turned out to be YUDEN000 T01. :eek: :bigsmile: :bow: All in all, a good days shopping!

The T01 was also burned in the BenQ, SB On, WOPC Off.

Someone else asking for a mugging :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait till you see the T01 scan I added using your favorite button! :wink: :bigsmile:

The Maxell 003 was burned with WOPC Off, not on as I previously stated. :o

Very nice indeed - I have a new favourite disc :bigsmile:

O/T: Arachne, please don’t be angry at me :flower: :stuck_out_tongue: