Maxell 002 50 Pack Staples 17.94

Just got back from Staples to buy some cases. While there I saw a sign indicating Maxell 8x DVD+ for 17.94. There were 8 on the table so I picked one up and read Made In Taiwan. I was hoping to find it Made In Japan in hopes of getting some Taiyo Yudens which I always use. I picked up the next 6 and all were Taiwan, figured it was a lost cause but picked up the 8th and found made in Japan, Took it home and DVDInfopro shows it as Maxell 002 media.

I have read Maxell is good media but am still disappointed it wasn’t TY’s.
Any thoughts about the price and quality?

I am probably wrong but I don’t ever remember Maxell having TY disks inside 8x DVD+R packs.

Either MAXELL 002, RICOHJPNR02 and 1 other I forgot.

You are not wrong, the TY 's are only the 4x variety in both + and -.
I should have done my homework before purchase, but under the circumstances it was the only Made In Japan there so I grabbed it.
I’m confident they will burn well from what I’ve read, however, I had huge success with the Ty media, when something works stick with it.

Here are some of the codes:
Maxell DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Maxell DVD+R 4x (YUDEN000T01)
Maxell DVD+R 8x High Grade Video (MAXELL002)
Maxell DVD-R 1x (RITEKG03…)
Maxell DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01…)
Maxell DVD-R 4x (MXL RG02…)
Maxell DVD-R 4x (TYG01…)
Maxell DVD-RAM 3x (MXL8)
Maxell DVD-RW 2x (MCC 01RW11n9)
Maxell DVD-RW 2x (TDK502sakuM3)

Please let us know or post a scan of those MAXELL002 I would like to see one.

You shouldn’t be disappointed because some people prefer Maxell media over TY, to me, they are on the same PAR

I picked up a pack of -R and they were Ritek G04’s.

The reason I wanted the Ty’s are that my Liteon burner loves them, doesn’t mean the Maxells will be equally adorned. From what I’ve read it is good media and is the reason I made the purchase. For 17.94 it’s not that big a deal if they don’t perform well, I’ll try a burn during the week. Thanks for advising you feel they are on par with the Ty’s.

I don’t have this in my collections, I may try one. thanks.

No 50pack Maxell at my local Staples. :frowning:

I bought two 50 packs of Maxell 8x in the last couple of weeks on two separate occasions at two separate stores here in the Seattle area. I was hoping for Maxell002’s since I’ve been hearing such good reports, but no luck. Both spindles were Ritek R03’s.
They were usuable but not what I would call prime grade AAA media.

If you want Maxell002s, you have to look for spindles that are Made in Japan.

Maxell 002’s burn great in all three of my burners (nec, liteon and aopen). It’s one of the few that will burn good in the aopen.

I am having some problems with the MIJ Maxell 02’s, I get PIE’s in the 200’s at the begining of the disk. TA’s and PIF’s look good though, I dont get it, Im only burning at 8x and that is what they are rated for. I also picked some from middle and bottom with same results. I am running Plex 716a with 106 firmware. I had to shift to some Verbatim 8x because they burn better.

Any one else having this problem? Should I be worried about the high PIE or just blow it off. It is a spike and the rest of the burn looks good. I will post a burn later.

Maxell 002s gave me less than stellar results in my 812s@832s. Still acceptable, but I got noticeably better burns with cmc mag e01 and f01.