Max writing speed for dvd+3 4.7 gig is 16x but for some reason its only giving 8x

Firstly, my system specs are:

P4 m 2.8 ghz with 480 ram and 64 mb graphics ram (ram and video ram are shared- total is 512 ram), running windows XP. I have an external dvd writer Sony DRX-800UL, which ive got connected via USB.

I’ve done about 3 test discs with my nero dvd/cd test program, using Verbatim 16x cabable dvd+r 4.7 gig discs, I’ve also tried going to Nero, choosing to write a new dvd video and choosing to do a speed test but not write, and each time i get a notice saying the read speed is not fast enough to write at 16x, the highest ive got is 12x when writing a dvd rom using jpegs etc, and 8x for writing a dvd video.

I’m running norton internet security but that cant be whats cutting my dvd writing speeds in half :a

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Well that was happening when reading from the built in hard disk on the lap top, when using a dvd i had ripped previously to the desktop. Now, i tried doing a speed measurement reading from my external hard disk, and i was getting on average 22x read speeds, what gives?? An external usb 2 speed Lacie hard disk reading faster than the computers ‘built in’ hard disk?


The write speed with any optical device is determined by the firmware within that device - not the disc manufacturer-


thats not what im saying man, I just managed to get a read speed of 25x reading from my external hard disk, but my internal hard disk is giving me read speeds of 11x, what gives?

Your internal drive could be fragmented, its also a laptop drive and if its an older style they were built for low power and speed was an afterthought.

I can hit 16x with my 7200RPM laptop HDD, a 4200RPM drive should manage 12x but ANY fragmentation of the data will slow this down noticably.

Try a defragment of the drive but if that does not help I think you will be looking at limiting your burn speed to 8x or 12x.

The drive isnt that old really, the lap top was bought about 2 years ago now, but since we got it i have reformatted my windows like 4 times :Z The drive isnt fragmented at all. I’m running a disk check when i restart, if it doesnt improve im going to phone the service place (its got a 3 year warranty), reckon they will replace the hard disk if its become a lard arse?

Please read bigmike7’s post again. :wink:

i think qwakrz has got me, cheers. My drive is capable of writing 16x dvd’s, it is able to write at 16x when reading from the external had disk.

Yeah, that normal problem with externals. :frowning: