Max write speed on cheap cdr

i have a freecom 24b burner and use latest nero. normally i use 48x tdk which work perfectly. recently i purchased a cheap spindle (alledgedly made by same company that make sony cdr) and they are 48x. however when i try to burn them they get “recognised” as a max burn speed of 8x. i cannot get this to change. help please any suggestions on how i can get them to burn at 24x (my max speed)?? incidentally this also happened with another cheap brand i tried. both seem to work ok in other peoples burners using roxio!

From what I know, Nero tests the CDR media for the maximum burning capacity. If these are “cheap” CDRs (as you stated), they may not be rated for that speed, even though it was stated on the packaging. What is the actual brand name of this media?