Max Target size?




I have read that in DVD Shrink you need to set the target size to 4300, but I have been experienceing with 4400 without any problems.

can I go bigger?

also is it a good idea to use DVD Decrypter to make an ISO and then Burn that ISO without the use of shrink?

I burned on disc like this that fit onto a normal DVD-5 and it seems to work.

Are there any advatages to useing both programs?



Well, a DVD-R/DVD+R is meant to be 4,700,000,000 bytes, Normally it is a few bytes over, but not all the time so it is best to start working from 4,700,000,000 bytes.

A kilobyte is 1,024 bytes, and a megabyte is 1,024 kilobyte, and a gigabyte is 1,024 megabytes. So 4,700,000,000/1024/1024=4482.269287109375.

So lets say a DVD is 4482MB. Many programs (IE Nero) refuse to burn higher than 4480MB without overburning so lets say it is 4480MB. Therefore in theory you could go right up to 4480MB. However, DVD Shrink often does not hit its encoding target properly, and also remember that the last bit of a DVD is often a poorer burn, and the outer part of a disk (where the last bit of data would be stored) can easily become damaged. Therefore I would recomend allowing between 25 and 100MB spare space, so 4400MB seems like a good amount to go for. A few extra megabytes won’t noticably improve the quality anyway.

So no, I would not try and go any higher than 4400MB.

As for your second question, if it is a DVD-5 then yes, it is better to use DVD Decrypter to Read/Write the disk, this will ensure a true 1:1 copy of the original. Even without using recompression DVDShrink can alter the DVD in ways that you may not allways want. Only use DVDShrink when you have a DVD9 you need to fit on a DVD-R5.



For DVD-9 I use DVD Shrink that is set to 4635 MB and burn the ISO with DVD Decrypter only to Plextor 716A on DVD+Rs. For DVD-5 I use other burners than do not support overburning.

Ben is right though about the problem at the outer part of a disk:

  • On less quality media, the dye often not spreaded evenly to the outer part hence the quality of outer part is less than inner part.
  • On high speed writing such as 12x or 16x the higher speed is reached at the outer part; this means the outer part will produce higher errors.

So to overcome this you need quality media and burn at rated speed or for 16x media burn at one tick lower (12x).


well thanks

I am having good results burning my TYG03 at 16x and 4400

I have already experienced the poor quality media, MIT crap, no more. I am goin’ TY from now on.


I think I’m set at 4477, when I need to use it. Comes nice and close to full. And I’ve never run into what was mentioned above, with Nero maxing out at 4480MB. I’ve been able to go the full 4483 (DVD+R) or 4489 (DVD-R).