Max speeds

Ive got a 3550, supposedly max write to DVD+R of 16x. When I use Infotool from Nero, it says max write is 12x. Now, I understand that actually using 16x to burn would be foolish, but is there something else going on or am I just misreading the specs on the drive? Also, ive got the 1.Y5 firmware.

Please tell us the MID of your disc and the brand of disc…

TDK +R 16x

In the Disc Info tab of CD-DVD Speed, it says 4x 6x 8x and 12x for write speeds.

Do you have a fresh, blank disc in the drive when you check it?

Actuall, no I don’t. I’ll do that when I get home. Hopefully that should take care of it. Thanks

Here is the Disc Info screen of a blank disc. I guess my question is how do the write strategies and write speeds relate to each other? Understandably, if I want a good burn I wont go for 16x, but will I have my best burns only when the strategy and speeds are the same, eg @ 8x or 4x for this disc?


the only way to tell is to spend a few discs and see what your results are.

As a followup question to this, do the different drives have optimum burning speeds? I’ve got my 3550 which can in theory burn up to 16x, I think, but maybe its optimum is 8x. Or is it completely media dependent?

Burner, media and firmware dependent.