Max speed with CloneCD using Lite-ON 40125S is 20X CLV!

Well this is my second test copying a 700MB Data CD with this burner using CloneCD and it burns normally (you can hear the burner switching speeds) when on simulation but is limited to 20X (CLV) when doing an actual burn.

I wonder what could cause this, because in Nero it burns normally (20X-24X-32X-40X).

Anyone else experienced this?

Are you using CloneCD 4 or 3?
Very strange… My 32123S burns at 32x…
What speed are the discs certified for?

No probs for me either with the 40X Litey 83bj60 both with beta 9 and 14 of V4. Strange, I doubt it’s the CDR’s going by the results you’ve said you had with lower speed rated CDR’s with your drive, and as we know the LiteOn is not exactly picky when it comes to speed/brand of CDR.

The only sofware I’ve encountered problems with has been NTI CDM Pro which despite having the latest drive update listing the LiteOn 40X still only let’s me burn at a max of 32X :confused:

Well seems to be it must be some bug with CloneCD because it doesn’t do this in Nero using the same media.

It’s like it just won’t switch to a higher speed like it would normally do in Nero!

Anyway this is not a fluke, did the same before I updated CloneCD (I went from to 9 then 14), when I had InCD loaded (now I’m using DirectCD). Hmmmmm!

Olli, any suggestions?

Thank ya’ll for your input, keep the ideas coming! :slight_smile: