Max speed, what about min speed?



I have a NEC ND-3550A and I wonder why can’t I burn slower than 8x.

Is this a limitation of Nero or is it a limitation of my device?



It does depend on the media. But I never heard of a firmware supporting only 8x with a specific media.


If this is CD media then this is quite normal as most DVD burners won’t burn CD-R at less than this speed.

If it’s DVD media then get some details of it with Nero’s CD-DVD Speed & the disc info tab.


Where could I find specifications about minimum speed of the ND-3550A Nec drive.

I look on the Nec site, searched the specifications sheet from Nec and found nothing concerning minimum speed.

Have someone ever found those informations?


If this is indeed CD-R media, then the NEC ND-3550A will not burn it slower than 8x.

How do I know this? The 3550 is identical to the 4551 except that it doesn’t support DVD-RAM or Labelflash, and I have a NEC 4551. No CD-R media I have tried can be burned slower than 8x on this drive, including my oldest 12x rated Kodak Ultima media.


My own experience with NEC drive you get the best quality of burning @ speed of 8X & 12X.