Max Speed at which I should burn an Audio CD for best sound quality?

What is the Max Speed at which I should burn an Audio CD for best sound quality using my Lite-On 48x.

The speed to burn at depends on what you plan to playback the CD in. If your CD player states that it can play CD-Rs, then you should be able to burn at any speed without problems. To ensure compatiblity most CD players such as Car CD players and reduce the chance of skipping, I’d recommend using a low speed such as 16x and not going over the rated speed of the CD-Rs. I.e. if the CD-R is rated at 16x, don’t burn it at 24x.

At 16x or below, the CD writer will use CLV (Constant Angular Velocity). This means that the writing speed stays constant from start to finish. At 24x or above, the CD writer starts at 16x and increases (in steps or gradually) to the final speed before it finishes. The best way to check the quality of the written CD is to use Nero’s CD Speed and run Scandisc. If you get ‘100% Good’, then you shouldn’t have any problems. :smiley:

There’s absolutely no connection between burning speed and any player.
It’s always burner+speed+media. If you change media or burner, you will again have to try all available speeds to find the best result.
LIteOn 48x starts at 19x or 22x, depending on firmware and selected speed.

I.e. if the CD-R is rated at 16x, don’t burn it at 24x.
That’s not true either. Burn a Ricoh 12x at 12x, 16x, 24x and 32x, and you’ll see that 24x/32x will give the best result in a 40125W, fw WS09. Another burner is likely to behave differently.

seanbyrne has give you reasonable advice.

Car players are often very finicky about CDR’s. Disregarding theory, there are many empirical reports that reduced writing speed frequently helps reading problems of players with marginal CDR reading capability. Sticking to the rated speed of the media is not an unreasonable recommendation for a problem player. There are exceptions to nit-pick, but ratings are guidelines and can be conservatively used as such.

Plextor’s answer to compatibility problems is VariRec, which allows minute changes to the laser power. This feature operates only at 4x.

If your player isn’t picky, burning at the highest speeds may produce acceptable results in audio. If the burn doesn’t produce any errors, audio quality is in the ear of the listener. :wink:

There is no mention in the Documentation of my Sony VCD Discman that it can read CD-R discs.

But, it does read them. It cannot however read CD-RW discs.

My earlier burner was an HP 8x4x32x so I had burnt all my audio cds at 8x.

Now, as the max speed is 48x i was wondering what you be the safest speed for burning.

Thank you all for posting informative posts !!!

I will try burning at 12x & higher.

the discman reads 8x burnt cds fine so, I will slowly increase the speed & see the result & post here soon.

I can’t go over 12X for my car. I’ve tryed all kinds of meda but 12X is top speed for my car

So, it seems my staring at 12x option is safe.

We’ll see what happens when I burn at 12x & higher.