Max size SVCD to play in Toshiba sd220 DVD Player

Does anyone know what is the largest CDR I can use to put an SVCD on that will play on a Toshiba CD220 DVD player. I have used 700 meg (80 minutes) CDR’s but I was wondering if I could use 90 or 99 minute CDR’s (with Nero) :confused:

Just incase anyone is interested, I have used Riteck 99 minute CDR’s without any problem. John

Hi John,

I was just wondering as you mentioned the SD220 player…do you still have it? I’ve got a little problem geting a home-burned dvd to play on the SD220E and was wondering whether you’d tried the same thing and could give me any pointers?

I’ve posted in the Newbie forum to see if anyone can shed any light on my problem but thought a more direct approach might bear fruit :slight_smile:



Why would anyone use such over-sized media when DVD is so cheap and THE standard…?