Max size of data you can burn on ritek g04 with nero and nec 2500a?

i am having trouble figuring out the max size capacity for a data dvd-r burn in nero.

is the line on the botton of nero the only guide, and is it reliable? the max line on the nero data timeline is 4.5, but it only takes 4.37gb of data added to reach that and when i highlight the added files they show up as 4.6gb of data, is that the limit, if not what is?

Looks like the new system of capacity is confusing too many people for what it was worth! Do we have to go metric in everything?

I’ll order 568ml of cider when I go to the pub shall I? :bigsmile:

You may simply think that the limit is 4.37GB. (Unless you really want to use the last one byte available.)

Isn’t it amazing that they advertised 700MB CD-R and actually you could burn 702MB?
Yeah, I know. It was actually 80min of music, not 700MB of data. :slight_smile: