Max running time of a movie without loss of quality?

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Out of genteel curiousity: Selecting from a list of quality manufacturers/products, what would you consider to be the maximum size a 4:3 TV could be before 4:3 programming becomes unwatchable?

I can only go by my own experience. I used to have a 32" Proscan TV that had a great picture. My son has a 48" 4:3 TV that shows every scan line in the image. I now have a 46" Mitsubishi widescreen 1080i rear projection HDTV. I wasn’t happy with the 4:3 image on that one until I routed the NTSC image through the computer and deinterlaced it with dScaler. Now it looks very good.

I have a couple of friends who have Sony 36" 4:3 TV’s that are HD-capable. Their pictures are great.

Conclusion: maybe 36" or 38" is about the maximum for a high-quality 4:3 image, IF the TV is high-resolution.