Max PI/PIF levels

What is the max for okay PI/PIF levels? I was using Ricoh dvd+r discs and the PI stayed at 8 most of the time and the PIF at 2, sometimes 3. I know those are very good readings. Recently I ordered some of the same discs I always order, but unfortunantly this time they were Ritek dvd+r R02. My first scan was a PI max of 12 and a PIF max of 3. Again, probably fine, but then I did a second scan on my second burn and the PI max was 14 and the PIF max was 5.

So, I just want to know what range is good.


I have an idea what you are using to scan on (writer) and with (program) but can you tell us anyway?

Sorry, I should have said before. I’m using KProbe v2.4.2. My writer and reader are LiteOn 832s.

PI - 280. PIF - 4.

However, a PIF spike above 4 is ok. Problems generally only arise when there are numerous consecutive PIF readings above 4.

Okay, thanks. It was only one spike up to 5, two at 4 and the rest at 3 and below. Not as good as the Ricoh’s, but I suppose they will suffice.