Max Payne SD2 Plextor problem

I’m running this system:

P3 733
Plextor 24/10/40A Rev 1.03 (straight out of the box)
TLA# 0203
Clonecd v

I just got the burner yesterday, and burned some Mp3’s so I know the drive works, but when I try to copy Max Payne the copied disc won’t start the game… “Error-Insert correct CD”. I used the default settings in Ccd, and those suggested from Clony. I’ve burned about 9 coasters trying different settings, speeds, and nothing has worked yet. Is there something else I should try? Any secret settings out there? :confused:

Try heading over to and get a .exe fixed file to see if that will work for ya that way you dont need a cd to play the game.

Well, it seems that the problem isn’t limited to just Max Payne. I also tried to copy Wizardry 8 (which is also SD2) with no success. Maybe it has to do with the TLA#… ?? Don’t know, next I’ll try to downgrade the Firmware to 1.02 and see what happens with that.

The TLA# shouldn’t make a difference. All Plextor PX-W2410A can do SafeDisc 2 (except the latest version regardless the TLA#. Are you perhaps trying to play the game from your writer? It may be that the games have an additional ATIP check/protection. Just play from a normal CD-ROM or enable ‘Hide CDR Media’ in the CloneCD tray.

Crossposting isn’t allowed so I’ll close this one. I’ll keep the other thread open so you can reply there.