Max Payne not working on back up copy

When I tried to copy the movie Max Payne, it would copy and burn the movie, but when I would play, it the movie would seem to stall out at the theatrical or unrated selection. Been retrying to make a working back up copy, but only made several useless disc. Why would it make a copy that moves beyond the format selection. :a


It’s the one-disc or two-disc version?

You can make a “Main Movie” copy with your preferred version to avoid selection problem for now, and of course we will check it.

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Happened to me too.I tried playing it in another DVD player and it worked except it will pause though out the movie.I’m useing the single disc version.

One disc. I been trying it again, did get it to bypass the problem by fully coping to hard drive and then compressing and burning via DVD Shrink. seem to do okay, but will check again.

Same proplem for me, freezes at the theatrical or unrated selection. Figured it was the DL disc i burnt it on, so i burnt another, same problem. I was able to burn Lakeview Terrace with the same DL disc’s. I have two drives on my computer and my first drive cant read the disc but the second takes a bit of time but then reads it. Dvdfab will read the disc from the first drive but says that some dvd information cannot be read, you can choose “Main Movie” or “Customize” to copy it. Also my regular Sony DVD Player or PS3 wont play the disc, freezes. I wonder if the disc is getting finalized properly.

If you have Nero CD Speed you can check to see if it is closed also if you were using the VSO burning engine try using the ImgBurn burn engine. Also are you using the latest version of DVDFAB ? and what is the burn speed you are using for the DL media and the brand?

Hi Jimbo, Im using, the “VSO burning engine” and the write speed set at “Recommended”.
My first cd drive reads
Disc Status - Open
Manufactuer - Ricoh
My second cd drive, with the same disc reads
Disc Status - Closed
Manufactuer - Ricoh
Funny thing is that im able to burn other movies with the same settings as above.

Try using the ImgBurn engine as several people have had problems with the VSO engine and also try slowing down your burn speed to around 6X or 8X not the recommended for the brand of media you are using. Also have Path Player Enabled and you should be alright then BTW the only recommended DL media is Verbatim as many people are having problems with other brands of DL Media

Thanks Jimbo, I’ll give that a try next time, hope this helps “slapsthemonkey@gm” and “Tibbman2005” also.

:confused:I seem to be having the same problem as the original poster. I made several coasters until i realized I should just go online. Did anyone solve this problem?

Here is a solution I used and it worked like a charm.

[QUOTE=scottusa2007;2202123]I ran into the same problem as the OP did… When I tried to copy the movie the first time I ran into the same issue. It would copy and burn the movie but when I would play it the movie would seem to stall out at the theatrical or directors selection.

The movie is the USA version if that matters (region 1)

After reading the forum a bit I found this thread and tried something a little different… Finally I was able to get the movie to work.

Using the idea posted above I copied the source disc and saved it as an ISO (I don’t have a clone mode option in the main GUI). While doing this I selected the DVD-9 disc size since as indicated above it seemed to work.

After that I used the ISO as the source disc and then burned it to a Maxwell DVD+r (DVD-5) at 6x recording speed.

I don’t know if this will help but the only thing I did different then other times was I enabled "set booktype to DVD-ROM however all my other settings are at there default.[/QUOTE]

I got it from Basically, I used DVDfab to decrypt and compress the dvd unto a folder on my hard drive. I then used DVD Shrink to make the DVD folders into a ISO and then I used IMGburn to burn the ISO.

I had to copy the DVD to a folder in full DVD-9 setting, just being decrypted. Then with DVD Shrink 3.2, I had the disc compressed to DVD-5 and it seem to be what I needed to do to have it work. I had to do that with a few of the DVD’s I have bought.

(Hey, no one is perfect)

If you can’t backup Max Payne your not missing much.

[QUOTE=soundping;2260540]If you can’t backup Max Payne your not missing much.[/QUOTE]

Yeah[B]!![/B] I didn’t care for the movie either, good thing I watch them before I spend money on the DVD :slight_smile:

i want to back up max payne region 1.could not get a clear view if it is being backed up properly by dvdfab.are the current versions copying it properly??

did not get any reply for the fate of max payne full dvd?
is it possible to copy it?

I copied MAX PAYNE using dvd shrink ,so there can’t be much protection on it, region 2 UK. Having said that, the movie is not worth protecting IMHO!

DVDFAB will copy this movie with no problem

thanks a ton guys!!
but thats for sure that the movie is not worth copying.!!!