Max Payne-KET and BetaBlocker

i just dl Max Payne From KET and i was wondering how do i use
betablocker so that i can remove weak sectors and
burn on my sony crx140e 8x4x32.
I already tried once, the game installs perfectly but when i
try to play the game, my cdroms (tried both my toshiba GD-2500 and sony drive) just keep trying to read it and nothing happens, it basically stalls up.
So could someone plz tell me how to use Betablocker
step by step

PS. Is there an english version of Betablocker and if so, where can i get it cause im using the German one and i dont know what the hell to do

the first time i tried to burn
i just draged and dropped the .img into betablocker
and pressed the first button then i pressed the second button
then i believe i pressed the first button again and the second twice for some reason
maybe that could be the problem but i have no idea
so step by steps would be really appreciated

Check this article for SafeDisc 2 information. It also explains how to use BetaBlocker. But please note that BB does not work with all games and/or recorders…