Max Payne Installation Problems in WinXP

My disc drives won’t read the original CD. The disc won’t auto-play. It opens in an explorer window showing its contents. But the files aren’t accessible. The drive revs up and down repeatedly and the window locks up so I have to either eject the disc or force close the window.

Any solutions?

a solution is derived from information, however you tell us nothing about what system you have, nor software installed, nor any other relevent information.

Please help us, helping you. :bow:

But MAx Payne 2 doesn’t auto-play. Can you run the game from it’s .exe?

Max Payne 2 doesn’t autoplay. When you put the Play disc in some files do pop up in a window. Close the window and go to Start>programs> then where-ever max payne is. Or find a shortcut. Or go into its directory and execute it from there.

P4 2.6
120gb HDD
48/40/20 CD-RW Matsumi

It’s a Medion MD 1704 system.

And it’s Max Payne. Not Max Payne 2.

The problem is that the files show up in the explorer window, but the window goes to “Not Responding” if it’s brought to the front. i.e. I cannot access anything on the disc.

will the game run from the .exe?

I cannot access anything on the disc. If I click on anything in the window, it locks up as “Not Responding.”

lol, can you run the .exe file?.. not the one on the disc but in the installation ditectory?

Does it happen with any other CD?