Max Payne backup failed




I can't make a backup of Max Payne with CloneCD v.
How do I make it please help me!!


I had tried but I could not get it to work.


The burning goes fine but when I try to play Max Payne the logo just freeze.
I have installed max payne from the orginal cd.


Read this artcile for SafeDisc 2 information. If BetaBlocker doesn’t work you should try one of the other tools mentioned in this article…


Follow these steps to copy Max payne (I did and it works)

  • Download a program called betablocker (Go on search to fine it)

  • Make a image of Max payne in clonecd with no settings ticked apart from fast error skip

  • After the image is done close clonecd and open betablocker, from here drag the image of max payne into betabloacker (The bigger file of the 2) and press the button on the left, after that press the button on the right. Close betablocker. This is how you are getting around Safedisc 2.

  • Open clone cd again and the image file and burn at a slow speed

  • If you can install it but just cannot get it to run fully download a cd crack from


Why not buy the Plextor 24-10-40? I heard it was great at copying SD2 protected games. I think they sell it at for $205 (that’s the cheapest I guess).


You have to read it w/ CDRWIN then use BETA Blocker then burn it. It worked for me. Hope this helps!!!


does closing clonecd before applying betablocker make a difference?


Originally posted by jOdsTer
does closing clonecd before applying betablocker make a difference?
Don’t think so. BetaBlocker modifies the CloneCD image and CloneCD just burns it.