Max Payne and Sub

I have a quest about the sub-channel option. I’m don’t use Clonecd so often that i know what to do with it.

Also…I’ve got 2 writers… a Lite-on 12x10x40 and is doesn’t work if i want to write with the RAW + SUB or someting like that.

At the moment I’m trying to burn with my other writer…a Plex 2x20 and there was only 1 option i could select to burn…

It’s done gonna check it out…

installin rite now…the problem is that te writing with the Lite on worked out…but when installing it gives an error at 72% --> CRC is says…so i wanna know if that depends on the SUB ornot?

Still installing…and YES it’s over the crc-error-point…mayB this post wasn’t needed anyways…

I believe Max Payne uses the SafeDisc 2 protection (not sue though) so it could very well be that this has nothing to do with SubChannel Data reading or not. For more info on SubChannel Data I would suggest you go to my own site (since you’re Dutch and I’m too) and look under ‘CDR Info’…


PS. For SafeDisc 2 compatible burners check my list

Max Payne is Safedisc 2 protected, you can always drag the contents of the cd to your hard disc and burn it back to cd with a seperate Nocd patch available from [/B] :cool: This game rocks!!!

I did some extra reading and Max payne uses the 2.40.10 version of SafeDisc 2. Read more on this matter on CloneClinic

Again, by a plex 24x :o))

Originally posted by Digital Mayhem
Again, by a plex 24x :o))
Or a LITEON 24x :smiley:

With max read at 4x fast error checked,retries 3, the liteon is fussy so use TDK media or keep the write speed down try 4 again.
It is SD2 so just tick fast error skip thats all u need for this protection.

Dont ask me,i aint all there