Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne

Is this game copyable? Or is this securom not doable? Anybody get this far yet , I know it’s kinda new.

I just bought the game today and made a perfect working backup of the game. I used a Plextor Premium and the newest version of Blindwrite. You still need to extract the BWA file with the included BWA Builder from Blindwrite. Plextor Premium is currently the only drive that can copy Securerom new correctly.

So my 52x Litey won’t be able to make a backup of MP2? Has anybody tried with a Litey?

Yes, you can copy Max Payne 2 with a Liteon. Go check this thread:

yes the Litey works

Thanks for the replies guys. I was indeed successful. And a totally kick ass game it is.

becareful if your using virtual drives and this title…the 1.1 patch blacklists them.

Thanks for the info Jamos