Max Payne 2 (Italian) backup

Hello everybody,
I have a home network made of 2 PC directly connected by ethernet adapter. The first PC is the one I use to work, while the second is the one I use for browsing / playing / entertainment. I have a burner (Lite-on LTR 32123S) on the first PC coupled with a DVD-ROM Toshiba SD-M1712, while the 2nd PC has only a DVD-ROM Lite-on HJ-HD165H. I received the game Max Payne 2 (italian) as a Xmas gift and I intended to make a backup copy. Reading around the forum, as I am a novice in backing-up games, I downloaded the clonyXXL tool and installed the game on the PC which is not addicted to play games, just to make the copy and discovered tha the game protection is SecuROM new V Looking again I discovered that I need almost 2 burning tools: Alcohol 120% and BlindWrite. I downloaded both of the trial version and I made a copy of the 3rd CD (the only one protected) using BlindWrite. Unexpectedly it did all automatically, just answering yes to all the question it made me, and it worked fine on the first PC. Suddenly, I removed the game from the first PC and installed it on the second one. Installation with the backup CDs was Ok, but while attempting to play it did nothing, and after almost one minute it appeared a message telling that it was impossible to recognize the media… What did it mean? At this point I put on the drive the original CD and the game, magically, started. I stopped the game and put on the 3rd backup CD and now it works fine everytime. It is almost an unexpected behaviour, and I don’t undestand what I miss or made wrong in the procedure. So, if anybody knows the reason why, please tell me, as I am keep to learn how to make a correct backup copy, because, as we say in Italy, learn a trade for a rainy day (impara l’arte e mettila da parte), maybe a future birthday gift could be a game!!!
Thank everybody, and I wish a happy new year to everyone.