Max Payne 2 Install CRC Error



Here’s a weird problem. Some time ago, I seemingly made a successful backup of Max Payne 2 using the twinpeak method. It installs and runs fine on my desktop, but a problem arises when I try to install it on my laptop (which is the system really I want it on).

The Install Disc has no problem, but when it prompts me to put in the Play Disc, I get a CRC error with “”. I’ve tried installing several times, and always get this error immediately after I insert the Play Disc. I’ve even tried copying the CD’s to folders on the HD (thinking I might be able to install from there), but when it tries to copy, Windows XP tells me there’s a CRC error (I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 with a DVD/CD-RW Combo drive listed as an “HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4241N” under device manager).

Anyone have any ideas why this happens on my laptop, but I have no trouble at all installing on my desktop?


Does your original do the same? If so its a dodgy drive. If not, remake your back-up.


I seem to remember CRC errors(Cycle Redundancy Checks Errors) to be a result of poor media or a bad burn.

Try re-imaging and burning.


The laptop’s drive has poor error correction capabilities, thus giving the crc error where the desktop’s drive doesnt. Making a new back up on better media or using another drive (external?) for installing might do the trick.


Could it be that the Laptop drive is a better reader and is therefore confused by the TwinPeak patching. I know that the Toshiba and Asus drives choke on a TwinPeak patched image when you install for this reason. It will authenticate with the patched disk, just not install from it.

Try duplicating the original disk onto a CD-RW and install from that, then use the backup to authenticate with.


The original installs and plays fine on both my laptop and desktop. Again, the backup copy in question installs & plays fine on my desktop, but not laptop. I don’t think the quality of the media is the problem…I’m using either 40x or 48x Fuji CD-R’s, which I understand are among the best quality (if I’m wrong on this, please correct me).

So it’s possible it’s a bad burn? I burned the backup on a Lite-On 52x32x52 at 8x speed, if I remember correctly. Should I try reburning it at a slower speed? Is there anything else that would help? My suspicion is that my laptop drive just can’t read twinpeak copies.


Best bet in that case is do what Orinoco says and reimage the offending disc to a CDRW and try that.


given your circumstances either reduce the speed of burn to something like 4X or change your media to a better quality as it was suggested and that should take care of it.


As it was mentioned before, you can try installing from a backup you’ve made with ie Nero. If its a twinpeak issue, it should install just fine but wont authenticate (thats what you have the twinpeaked backup for :wink: ).