Max. Mb to burn on a 700Mb CD-R

A few days ago I created a Jukebox CD using Nero 7 on a 700 Mb CD-R (TDK 52X). I made sure that I didn’t go over (the folder on my PC said 699Mb).

I got no errors when I created the disc but now that I have been listening to the 170+ mp3s I have noticed that MANY songs have the first note or two chopped off the start so I was wondering…

Could this be caused because Nero Express; for some reason, squeezes the data so it fits on the CD? (I suppose that I won’t get the full 700 Mb from the disc due to the disc’s system files).

I noticed this on the mp3 CD player in my car (have not tested it elsewhere). But I did go back to the source mp3s on my PC and they are complete.

If it’s a matter of squeezing the data…

What would be the recommended maximum Mbs of mp3s to burn on a CD?

Thanks for your help:D

The capacity of an 80 min 700 MB CD-R is usually approx. 703 MiB (MiB = 1024 x 1024 Bytes).

Nero 7 doesn’t “squeze” your mp3 files, but Nero 7 had major problems with burning Audio CDs from mp3 files (and perhaps other files?) when it first came out - a problem that took a while to fix.

Try updating to the latest Nero 7 version (currently if that doesn’t work, try using another burning program like the simple and free Burrrn.

Thanks for replying

I will try the updating.

Regarding my actual issue, is it possible that; when I prepare for burning a Jukebox CD, there is something in the Nero Express configuration that I need to check/uncheck to avoid my problem?


Maybe you should check if Nero is set to perform fade-in/fade-out on your audio tracks.

I don’t think so as I said before, it happens to many mp3s…but not all of them. Anyway, I will check the settings and se if something strange is there.

I have tested the CD in my PC and all songs are complete so what’s happening is that the car stereo is chopping off the first mili-seconds at the start of many mp3…but it’s the stereos doing and not that the audio tracks are incomplete.

Thanks for your time.

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Maybe the mp3 player in your car doesn’t like the ID3 tags in your mp3 files and then skips over more than just the tags?

You could try copying a few of the mp3 files that skip and then removing all tags from the copied files before burning to CD.