Max iPod volume now adjustable on selected Apple players



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 It's no  secret that  the mighty iPod is also quite loud. It may even be the loudest of all personal  media players. But no matter, at a possible 115 decibels, just 28  seconds a day through...
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WHAT! WHAT! Can’t hear you could you speak up. Darn IPOD. :B


Did you say something? :+


Don’t ALL audio devices (radio, TV, tape player, DAPs, PMPs, etc.) have a volume knob? Is there some law that says you HAVE to kick it up to 11? Stupid plus deaf? Heck, my Rio can be set all the way up to 30 (I need it at 25 for my FM transmitter to pick it up loud enough for the car) but when restarted will default to 23 or whatever setting it was on below 23. Nice safety feature I wish cars had. :slight_smile: Another example of saving stupid consumers from themselves.


so why is it no one seems to want to take responsibility for their actions? Oh this product can make me deaf if I use it wrong, I better sue. It even states in the manual that it can cause hearing loss, but I guess most illiterate consumers dont bother to read instructions before they use something. Why can’t we just go back to blaming video games for kids who kill, instead of lax gun laws.


This is an example of a runner up for the Darwin Award - where stupid individuals do stupid things and get compensation for it. In the past, this award has been given to more Americans than any one else I know. I suppose it’s so easy to sue and won in America that every one is trying to cheat the system. Here, in Australia, trying this and you will be in jail and not being compensated - it’s called rorting the system and Australian judges are not lenient on those who cross the white line.
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What about IPOD 4g. Thanks