Max Hours on DVD CD

Hello everyone

I would like to know what is the max size of a moive that I can copy on a 4.7 GB DVD, it says on the DVD 120 min, but I know I can copy more then 120 min.

So, please help me out, I have a movie that is about 180 min, is their a way I can shrink it and still have a good quilty movie?

I use (Studio 9) , (Veages 7) , and (Nero)

I thank you all in advance for your support.



Welcome to CD Freaks.

Yes you can get more than 2 hrs on a DVD. Obviously the type of movie affects the quality so an animation would be excellent but a fast moving action moving would be less good as there’s far more data on screen.

Depending what your source format is defines how you go about it.

In DVD Movie format DVD Shrink is an excellent free app to compress down to fit.