Max DVD size for DVDR question

i’ve been driving myself nuts with this all day.

i’ve been backing up and burning dvd copies for years now, and never had this issue until having to use some new programs for burning.

all the programs i’ve been trying (imgburn, dvdfab, etc) keep reporting that the size of the files are too large for a dvdr.

the thing is, i’m using dvdshrink to compress the dvds down to the level they need to be for dvdr, and i’ve always done this the same way with no issues on filesize. i’ve used nero and cheetah to burn in the past, but i no longer own nero and cheetah keeps hanging upon 100% burn, with an un-usable disc as a result.

so what’s up with this file size restriction limit on dvdrs in these programs?

i even recompressed one down to 4.19 gigs, which is well below the 4.35 gigs i have regularly burned for years with no problems

for further clarification, in dvdfab i get the write error 105- too large file

and here’s an example of the error in Imgburn

"Size: 4,479,164,416 bytes

ISO9660 Limit: 4.294.967,295 bytes

Reason: file size exceeds the limit imposed by the ISO 9660 file system."

again, i’ve done this for years with other burning programs with no issues at all on the same file sizes… just seems like there’s got to be some way to burn this.


I am not sure what is a problem, but I would suggest to get latest version of IngBurn. Uninstall old one before installing new.
I just ran a file in ImgBurn and it show file size 4,631,805,952 bytes and 99% on DVD+,- R/RW.
It is possible, something went wrong with Shrink.
If that does not work, I would try DVD Rebuilder, there is a free and paid version. It has good encoders and better choices than Shrink.