Max DVD Shirnk Compression

What would you say is the absolute max compression on a dvd that you are burning. when i do finding nemo (with all extras) it compresses it to around 53.4%. is that fine?? (i am gonna remove the directers interview anyway which takes it to about 70% but i still want to know for future reference)

I’ve compressed many movies around 46%, but use the advanced scan first. The quality is acceptable until you start to see very fast moving scenes or beautiful stills.

There is no one answer. It depends on the source DVD.

If the average bitrate is high, then it can cope with a lot more compression and stil look good for most people. If the average bitrate is just ok, then just a little bit of compression can make it look rubbish.

how can i find the bitrate?

to make the best compression try checking all the deep scaning a quality features en the backup menu of shrink dvd.

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