Max DL burning speeds?

What are the max speeds that we will be able to burn DL media at?


Currently is 4x (21 mins). Can they go to 8x? Who knows.

According to c’t magazine, the DVD+RW alliance is going to announce the specification for the upcoming 8x DL discs (and writers) in January 2005.

We can expect 16x (DVD+R), 16x (DVD-R), 8x (DVD+R DL), 4x (DVD-R DL), 8x (DVD+RW)*, 6x (DVD-RW) burners early next year.

  • 8x DVD+RW specs were just released.

** Both 4x DVD-R DL and 6x DVD-RW specs are going to be released in december 2004.

toshiba just released a new dvd writer than is able to burn dvd+rDL with 5x speed.

MAX for +/- R is 16x
MAX for +/- RW will be 8x
MAX for +/- DL should be 8x
MAX for +/- DL RW will be 4x (If this ever happens)

then by this time the next gen will be almost out :slight_smile: